I ordered patches from Butler on March 7th 2010, for an event needed by March 18th 2010.Kristine Carrey was my Sales Rep & guaranteed I would receive them in time.

I paid in full. I didn't hear anything back for a week. I called 3 times and couldn't get a hold of Kristine. Finally talked to Kristine's Supervisor, explaining the situation.

I told her I needed the patches in 2 days for my event. She laughed at me, and passed me on to Kristine. I talked to Kristine, who said I never approved the stitching proof. I approved a proof on March 8th, Weds, and was acknowledged saying they would let me know if they needed anything else.

I NEVER received an email on this. Kristine said she would call me back in 30 minutes, 45 minutes later I called her back, no answer. Tried 2 more times, left a message. An hour later my boss called, from a different phone number, and got her on the phone.

She said we will receive them in 2 days, but after her Supervisor laughing at me, I doubt it.I do not recommend them, they should not be in business.

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Just want to pass along how much we appreciate all the hard work, prompt service and attention to detail at Butler Sourcing.Every order has arrived ahead of schedule and the quality is the best we’ve ever gotten from ANY supplier!

The art work that was sent for approval was corrected and adjustments made fast and correct each time. Vicky Jones, our customer representative from Butler Sourcing, has been a delight to work with. She always calls and follows up and makes sure each order is exactly as we want it. The payment and processing is perfect each and every time!

(Your prices haven’t been beat by any competitor yet either.) We will not be using any one else from now on I can assure you.Keep up the good work and thanks for making us look good to our clients!


I agree most of my ex-employees are good.I am talking about you.

The one person that can't let things go. Kate you are not a customer, and the vindictive nature and tone of your posts should be obvious.

Again, if anyone is concerned about our company, please request a 15% discount from our VP of Sales, Greg McCurley by contacting him at greg@butlersourcing.com.We will also refund your money in full if you are not completely satisfied.


You are an i-d-i-o-t and shyster. You may believe what you want to. If 87% of customers will order again, I would worry about the other 13% of customers. Those customers are very vocal and powerful. I would also worry about the customers who are about to order and those who have not. I am siding with them.

Brian Kushner's issue should have been resolved long before appearing on this URL. He must have spoken the truth AND been really pissed off to blog that. You just wait until the next entry by some other customer. You never made me happy. See most recent entries.

I am not s-t-u-p-i-d. I will not provide a past/present customer number, for fear of reprisal. You should not blame your ex-employees, most are probably good and have gone on to better things.

You and Bulter have been hiding behind a pseudonym for the past 5 years (Joseph Heller lol) and you have no way to redeem yourself. This front has been operating with lies, deceit, excuses since you opened. Again, see past entries.

Kate has left the building.


Hi Kate,

You are a disgruntled ex-employee and not a customer. Our customer service rating in July is now at 83%. Look it up online and you will see that an 83% customer service rating is better than the leading online companies such as Amazon.com and Ebay.com. Furthermore, 87% of our customer's said they would order from us again, and our goal is to get this number up to 95% by next year.

Furthermore, I have been made aware that Brian Kushner's issue has already been rectified and he is now satisfied with the outcome. No company is perfect, and there are sometimes issues with customized products, but our company always does what is necessary to make the customer happy.

Kate, if you are really a customer, please prove it and provide a customer number.

If anyone ever finds that our company is not meeting expectations, please directly email our VP of Sales Greg McCurley at greg@butlersourcing.com.


Yusuf Uqdah

Thomasville, Georgia, United States #336448

Brian: It still amazes me that customers are still falling for Butler, with all these complaints. I personally would like you to sue, and to see Butler put out of business.

Now that Yusuf has admitted his identity, Butler has and will be known to lie and deceive, like he has for the past five years! He is just another criminal masquerading behind a business. He should have been honest at startup rather than hiding behind a fictious name. (Yea, my grandfather was named George).

I am sure the bad orders outnumber the good orders. And why take a chance giving them your money in return for all the BS.


im about to sue butler patches. Nina and Kristine and Neal and Cathy. I plan on shutting them down for real!

No more butler ***!

and Greg--please get in touch with me to explain to me why your company can make sewn out test's and fed ex them to me--only to produce the badges wrong in mass production. and then remake them wrong a 2nd time exactly the same. I put in my order on july 7th and now its the end of august and I still have *** badges. What should have been a 3 weeks project has taken more then double on 6 designs that you got correct in the proofs but cant seem to get correct in the sewn outs.

You all have lacking communication skills. and most of your employees barely speak english. NO ACCOUNTABLITY and NO CREDITBILTY NONE!!! ZERO!!!

Get in touch with me anytime


Coxsackie, New York, United States #310678

Yusuf.you're an ***.

Most likely "Guy" isn't his name.

It was "a guy" who wrote the blog.no use looking him up although he is probably a digrunteled ex employee.

wazzzup wayne.


This is Yusuf, and yes my English name is Joseph. And yes, Yusuf and Joseph are the same person. Yusuf translated into English is Joseph, and in fact my Great Grand father's name was Joseph Heller. I have been called Joseph by many of my relatives since I was young. If you go to my website www.yusufuqdah.com, I make my connection to the company very clear.

Unfortunately, Guy we have no records of you ever working for us, and I am 100% confident that a Guy has never been employed in the company. It's a bit ironic that you accuse me of playing games with names, when in fact you yourself are clearly changing your name to remain anonymous.

It should also be very obvious to anyone that you are the one behind all of these outlandish and ridiculous email threads.

As to the point about senior managers, we currently have 3 other senior managers in the company besides Greg, one of which has been with us for more than 2 years now.

Any person with any level of professionalism would not make such nasty and immature remarks to his former employer. A qualified and professional manager, would move on with their life and find gainful employment with another company. Not to mention that your spelling, grammar and sentence structures are not even commensurate with a high school level, it is questionable to me why I even hired you.

No human resources department would find any of your comments remotely acceptable, which is again why you are...

I think your rants speak much more about you as a person, than they speak about me.

As far as my management style I have made my mistakes, and I have also had my successes. I continue to learn from my mistakes and I become a better manager and business person everyday. Part of my continued improvement has come from the fact that through trial and error, I have learned how to find qualified, ethical, and an inspirational management team that helps me continually grow as a manager. Its a stark contrast from working with people such as yourself who not only did not have the qualifications for the position, but also worked against me, rather than with me.

I am 99% sure who you are, and I have very clear evidence that you are actually in reality the cheat, and have basically made a career out of doing such.

I would suggest as next steps that you admit who you are and quit hiding behind the names.

I apologize to any of our customer's that doubt us as a result of these unethical and terrible remarks made by "Guy" or any other fictitious names that he comes up with. But I also would like to thank you "Guy" for making it now clear to everyone that these post are not about reality, but about a personal grudge.

We do offer a 15% discount to anyone that is concerned about the credibility of our company, and you can redeem that by directly emailing me at either yusuuf@butlersourcing.com or joseph@butlersouercing.com.

Lastly, but not least, "Guy" is correct that a significant portion of our operations is abroad. However, still more than 50% of our costs are allocated to either US staff, or US firms such as Fed Ex, USPS, Google, Go Daddy, etc... We believe that different countries offer different competitive advantages, and although the US is not competitive for apparel manufacturing, we believe that the US is competitive in many other areas and we allocate our budget accordingly (again more than 50% of our costs go to US staff or companies).

I hope I have addressed all of your concerns Guy.


Yusuf (Joseph)

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Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #309594


i used to work for this company, yusuf is joseph.he changed his name and makes all of his employees change their names, probably so that you don't know all of his operations , sales, and customer service is overseas.

greg, i have to ask why you continue to tarnish your name for what is such a terrible company??? your name will forever be here for everybody to find. have you looked around and wondered why are you the only senior manager there after 5 years in operation? it is because everyone before you with any skill or talent left when they realized that joseph is a manipulative, cheap boss that does not keep his promise.

it is just a terribly run company by an arrogant kid with an ego and too much money, if you have not realized it already.just look at how he responds on here.


Dear Customers,

I am the Vice President of Customer Service and Sales for this company and we have been in business for over 5 years.

First of all unlike many of the people that are anonymously posting lies about our company, I am a real person with a real name. Feel free to Google my name and you will see that I have had over 20 years of management experience in the promotional products and print industry.

We had serious production problems and internal customer service problems between February 2010 and June 2010 due to increased business and our lack of capacity to handle it.

Check the Internet and it will confirm that we only had problems during this time period.

I am 100% confident that all of our problems have now been addressed, we can continue to provide excellent customer service and embroidered patches to its customers.

Unfortunately, I believe that recently some of our competitors have taken advantage of the situation and have posted negative comments about us. Check most of the recent posts about our company, there is no order number, no details, etc... As a consumer you have the right to be wary of any company online, but also understand that this could happen to anyone. The Internet allows people to anonymously say anything about any company, without any proof that they are telling the truth.

Therefore, I would challenge anyone that has a complaint to contact me directly at...

Lastly, if you are a potential customer and these posts scare you, please accept a further 15% discount (just tell your sales rep) on your order, and you have my guarantee that if you have any legitimate problems with your order, you can email me directly and the patches will be yours free of charge.


Greg McCurley

VP of Customer Service and Sales

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